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Alan Rasmussen

I was born and raised in Lehi, Utah with at the time was a small community. We had farm animals growing up, including cows, horses, mules, and dogs. This helped develop my love for animals and the outdoors. I have always been fascinated with birds and the different species each in their own respected element.

Growing up with bird dogs, I always have had a love for the uplands, it seemed to check all the boxes for me between the dog work and my love for birds.



The love for the uplands helps fuel my passion for my artwork. I started out with most of my art being in black and white graphite. I love the way you can strip down an image with just shadows and the simple pencil strokes to make and picture come to life. I would every now and then try painting with either watercolors or oil paints and within the past 10 years have really developed a love for mixing colors to create an image.

I am excited to keep creating these images for people that have similar interest as mine.
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